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Crypto Currency


Jeevy Computers specializes in Crypto Currency transactions.
Let us be your Crypto Concierge service.

Being able to securely and safely complete bitcoin transactions is essential to
protecting your money. Jeevy Computers is a secure and trusted sale location
for all types of Crypto Currency transactions and deposits.

We Can Teach You

Interested in the digital currency market?
Feel free to ask us to teach you on the subject to get involved.

We are Safe and Secure

We are a real, authentic, brick and mortar, small business
that can buy and sell Cryptocurrency.

We are Fast and Easy

Buy and sell quickly either over the
or in person at our stores location.

Call Us Anytime for Questions

Call us anytime for questions regarding
Bitcoin or any digital currency.

Jeevy Computers is currently involved with the following Crypto Currencies:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Litecoin (LTC)


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