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Premier Cyber Security Package + Help Desk

Our Premier Cyber Security package at Jeevy Computers is powered by F-Secure, an award winning, enterprise grade security software. This top of the line security technology helps secure your home or business devices while giving you real time notifications and security monitoring all the time. This package also has our Help Desk feature where you call for US-based support for ANYTHING computer related.

Get the award winning cyber security software F-Secure.

Let certified technicians handle the installation.

We monitor your system and can quickly react to cyber threats the moment they happen as well as update your system and third-party software you own.

Our US-based support will help answer and computer related questions you may have, as well as help you through any problems either over the phone or via remote access.

Ultimate Protection

Get world leading security with real time threat intelligence backed by pioneering technologies and
an award winning platform – AV-Test’s Best Protection award winner four years in a row.

Leave no device unprotected.
Get total coverage across all of your devices.
Register each computer device you own for maximum protection.

The internet can be a dangerous place. Want the same level of protection
across all of your devices at work or home? Well we can do that too.
F-Secure works on multiple platforms and devices to ensure
that all of you information and technology is fully protected.


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Premier Cyber Security

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