Jeevy Computers is a full-service computer and IT company located in the Watchung, New Jersey.

Jeevy has established itself as a trusted and skilled resource poised to meet the technology needs of small to medium-sized businesses, as well as home and office users throughout New Jersey. Vision, creativity, and innovation are what drive the Jeevy team to success. These ideas are key in keeping the company squarely ahead of its competition.

Not only does Jeevy deliver excellent on-site and remote computer services through responsive support, we also take pride in supplying clients with valuable industry knowledge to help position them for the future. A prime example being the company’s unique cyber security program through a key partnership with F-Secure, a leading global cyber security company. Jeevy’s Basic and Premier Cyber Security packages offer clients an opportunity to obtain enterprise-grade security solutions at cost-effective price points. Each of these packages is backed by a 30-day free trial / 30-day money back guarantee.



We have been in business for over 28 years. We are knowledgeable in a wide range of technologies and pride ourselves on staying educated with all the latest technological advancements. Our experienced technicians can help you or your business with technology needs no matter how big or small.


Our employees are the key to our success. We provide all of our employees with excellent benefits. The same benefits available to our President and CEO are also available to ALL of our employees. We provide long-lasting careers, not just jobs. We enable our employees to partake in the success of our business by profit sharing.


We promise our customers quality products and services at the best prices. It is our responsibility to select a product or service plan that meets our customers’ specific needs. We pride ourselves on never over charging our customers products they don’t need. We put customer satisfaction above all else.


Jeevy Computers is a part of the community. Through our services we help local business owners make managing a business even easier and more secure. We give back to our community by applying our skills and resources beyond daily business operations; such as promoting local business with free events.


Jeevy Computers is much more than an IT company.

We provide our clients with any technology related services and support for their business. On top of IT services we offer web services, custom technology solutions, graphic design solutions, tech training, and more! Our support plan can be custom tailored to the unique needs of your business or office.




We get to know your company’s goals and needs, as well as review your current day-to-day hardware and software setup.


Once reviewed, we analyze what we can do to improve and update your setup to get the most optimal work environment.


Finally, we can work with you to create a plan that covers all of your IT and technology needs specific to your businesses goals.

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Proudly based and staffed in the United States.

Our Vision

We deliver a better experience for your home, office and business by providing honest, prompt and friendly service.

Our Mission

We strive to bring consistent, knowledgeable tech services to each and every customer, each and every time!

Our Vision

We deliver a better experience for your home, office and business by providing honest, prompt and friendly service.

Our Mission

We strive to bring consistent, knowledgeable tech services to each and every customer, each and every time!


“I feel like I have a brand new computer! The friendly techs here are absolutely the best and you can count on them to solve whatever computer problem you may have. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dealing with Jeevy is like having a friend in the business!”


“Jeevy Computers service and expertise is outstanding! My data was restored on my corrupt hard drive. Migration to a new computer put me back in contact with my valuable documents and personal data I accumulated over the years. I continue to have my computer solutions meet with rewarding results. Staff is courteous and driven. Their service plan and remote access allows my immediate needs to be accomplished. I could not ask for a better group of talent!”


“I’m the default IT guy at my firm and have bought many PCs and laptops to Jeevy over the years. I have consistency found their customer service to be nothing short of excellent and the actual service on the computers rarely without fault. On the very RARE occasion when there is an on-going issue, they step up the plate and tackle it head on. Pricing is very competitive. I’ve unfortunately have tried other places; would definitely recommend Jeevy.”


“I was involved with the office computers at St Mark’s Episcopal Church in B.R. where I was introduced to Jeevy by another parishioner. We were in need of updates and a general clean up of our system. I found the Jeevy crew knowledgeable, no nonsense and thorough with the work they did for me. And I should add their pricing was reasonable considering the time spent with us.

I would highly recommend Jeevy to anyone in need of a fix or if you are in the market for something new stop by and consult with them before you make the purchase, they will set you straight and you will avoid any costly mistakes.”


“Great staff of very helpful techs. I dropped off my computer a few days ago and got it back in 2 days. They also gave a class which taught me how to avoid viruses and run my own virus scan without getting scammed.”


“They fixed a problem with my computer the day I brought it in. Everyone was really nice. They sat down and explained the problem with me, talked through short and long term solutions. Definitely will go back!”


“Outstanding isn’t good enough to describe! Planned and executed perfectly. Thank You Jeevy computers I am disabled and can no longer do my own work.Its good to know I can get the work done without having to run around finding someone. Special thanks to Jeevy’s workers 5 star.”


“I was extremely happy with my wall mounting experience. Romulo and Primrose came to my house to hang my TV and did a fantastic job, they were very courteous and professional.”


“Jeevy computers is a great place to get your computer or laptop fixed. I went their with my daughters laptop and boy did they fix it up. I was worried Id have to buy her a new one. They saved it and showed us a few tips. Very reasonable prices as well. Keep up the good work guys.”


“I like Jeevy because they got all my work done in a timely manner. They told me information about my laptop problems and how to prevent them from re-occurring. The saved me a lot of money and time and that’s all we have to run on these days.”


“First thing I look at when I try a new service is price. With Jeevy you get more in return.

Most important selling point is how well do they perform the service. Their highly trained technicians satisfied all my needs. Then there are the perks. They come to my home at the actual appointment time.

Basically, I would refer them to anyone of my friends and I have.”


“My computer crashed on a weekend. After researching and purchasing a new one, I dropped it off at Jeevy late Sunday morning.

My technician listened to my concerns and requests regarding the transfer of data and my set up requirements for the new device. To my amazement, I received a call in the late afternoon and was told my computer was ready!

I highly recommend Jeevy Computers. Their technicians are well qualified and dedicated to their customer’s needs. Jeevy’s convenient hours of operation enable them to get your computer back to you as quickly as possible.”


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