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Basic Cyber Security Package

Our Basic Cyber Security package at Jeevy Computers is powered by F-Secure, an award winning, enterprise grade security software. This top of the line security technology helps secure your home or business devices.

Whats Included:

Ultimate Protection

Get world leading security with real time threat intelligence backed by pioneering technologies and
an award winning platform – AV-Test’s Best Protection award winner four years in a row.

Leave no device unprotected. Get total coverage across all of your devices. Register each computer device you own for maximum protection.

The internet can be a dangerous place. Want the same level of protection across all of your devices at work or home? Well we can do that too. F-Secure works on multiple platforms and devices to ensure that all of you information and technology is fully protected.


(per computer)

One Time Payment (1 Year)


Monthly Payments


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Basic Cyber Security

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