New Solutions & Updates

We hope you’re having success in your home or business endeavors! The Jeevy team is excited to announce a powerful new solution and an update to existing products, all available for you now!

Get Peace of Mind

Our team now can monitor your Cyber Security software daily, 365 days a year. Every day, automatic updates to your programs to close those pesky security holes are deployed to your computer by us.

Introducing F-Secure

Our brand-new software protection is changing the game! For the first time, you as a home, office, or small business user can get access to enterprise level Cyber Security software, but at a similar price point as home internet security software.

What To Do Next?

Our team can install the F-Secure Anti-Virus for you quickly using our remote service. Simply give us a call at anytime to speak with one of our technicians to get this installed onto your computer.

— Jeevy Team